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Chapter II - The Yoko Osha Igbodun Rules Part I






  1. The Oyugbona is in charge of arranging and setting the Igbodun and is also responsible for all rites and ceremonies performed upon the Iyawo during Initiation. Among those ceremonies, we refer to the Ceremony by the River; The Kobo Lerí; The Bath, Giving coconut to the Osha. Also, the adequate preparation of the Ashe as well as going to the market place and to the church and the organization of visits to other Ilé Osha.

  2. None of the participants in ceremonies should have had sexual intercourse for the last three days prior the Initiation. It is obvious that during the ceremonies, sex actions of any kind are strictly forbidden. Sex in the Igbodun is a highly punishable desecration.

  3. Neither the godfather/godmother nor the Oyugbona should be the Iyawo’s spouse. Nor should they have any kind of sexual relations with each other ever. In Osha Ifa sexual relations between godchildren and godparents are permanently forbidden and these relations also constitute a desecration and an offence to the moral and ethics of our religion because sex breaks down the religious foundations of Osha Ifá to carry out rites and ceremonies. Besides, once a priest(ess) consecrates a person; this person becomes a religious child of the priest(ess) and such person is then a member of a religious brotherhood where each member is a relative and so sex is not admitted.

  4. The Iyawó must be dressed in white for the seven (7) days he spends in the Igbodun. If the person is a man he should wear a white cap, an undershirt, underwear, pyjamas and a shirt with long sleeves. If the person is a woman, she should wear a bra, bloomers, skirt and blouse or a housecoat and a special cotton cloth known as “quilla”(turban) to cover her head.

  5. The godfather/godmother must strictly follow the procedures and rules for the Igbodun and should never skip any rules under no circumstances for any reasons.

  6. Both the godfather godmother and the Oyugbona are responsible for the ritual breakfast at the time and form agreed. So both priests must keep watch over the correct preparation and preservation of the ingredients to make this breakfast.

  7. The godfather godmother has the greatest responsibility for the Yoko Osha ceremony and also is in charge of the Iyawo’s training during the first year and for his/her entire lifetime as an Olosha. Besides that, the godfather carefully checks and controls all ceremonies carried out by the Oyugbona and the other Olosha.

  8. The godfather godmother and the Oyugbona are responsible for the Ashe for the Osha. These Ashe should be well cooked and with the appropriate ingredients so they can be used in the functions they are designed for. Both priests should prevent these Ashe from rotting and becoming smelly by taking good care both in the preparation and in preservation of the Ashe. In general, the appropriate ingredients are: Eta Elede, Olubosa, Iyo, tomato and Ata. In the case of Obatala, onion, water and cocoa milk are added.

  9. Neither the godfather/godmother nor the Oyugbona nor any of the elders should abandon the Ile Osha where the Initiation is taking place.

  10. During the days the Igbodun is arranged for ceremonies and for the initiation, no parallel ceremonies of any kind should be carried out. For example: Paraldo, Cloth Tearing, divination, etc. Once the Igbodun is set for the Initiation; all ceremonies should be related to the main event.

  11. During the days the Igbodun is arranged for ceremonies and for the Initiation, no one can promote or encourage others to have sexual relations at any levels. Not the slightest thought of sex.

  12. No one should ever smoke inside the Igbodun.

  13. All conversation should be related to religion. Gossip and other insulting or degrading conversations should also be avoided and prohibited. No one should bring in negative stories that happened outside. The negative energy these actions have can affect the Iyawó on the day of his/her rebirth.

  14. Only the Iyawó and the Oyugbona can rest and/or sleep in the Igbodun throne. As the inside of the Igbodun is a very sacred place; only another Iyawo can sit and rest in it to accompany the newly initiated Iyawó or to stay in the wicker mat during the Middle Day.

  15. The Igbodun throne is the most sacred place inside the Igbodun and in the Ile Osha. So people’s behaviour should be respectful and with the highest ethics possible. Consequently, access is limited and those persons who have evil manners and poor reputation or those who are not properly dressed should not be admitted to the Igbodun for any reason.

  16. The Iyawo must stay in the Igbodun throne for seven days sleeping on the wicker mat. However, there are very few occasions in which the Iyawo is allowed to go out of the Igbodun. Anyhow, the Iyawo must stay in the Ile Osha to complete all Yoko Osha ceremonies which last seven days.

  17. The godfather, the Oyugbona, the rest of the Olosha and the Iyawo himself must know that the Igbodun door must remain open and covered by a white curtain (a white sheet can do). With this curtain the ceremonies inside the Igbodun are protected from the view of outsiders and, at the same time, there is a direct access to the Iyawo if there were a need for assistance.

  18. The Oyugbona is the only priest allowed to give coconut to the Osha in the Igbodun during Initiation.


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